Monday, March 23, 2015

Park time

I joined the girls' good friends Jaliyah and Kamiya at the park on Sunday.  All girls knew I would be randomly photographing them.  I love that on the stones, they kind of created an indi album cover.

Also, WHAT THE HECK ARE MY KIDS WEARING?!!?   I've long stopped battling about their clothing choices.  Sheesh though.  Any time the girls were still, I took photos. It was more about them playing than me photographing them.

I don't know what is up with me and noisey pics lately, but I'm getting to the bottom of it.  It's bothering me. And it turns out, little girls like to get as close to you as possible when taking photos.

These last pics of Claire were just for my amusement.  We were joking that she was sunning herself on this tall rock to get warm like a lizard.  Then all of a sudden, she was queen of the rock!

Such a proud stance

Again.... I have no clue what she's wearing.....


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